What is it and how it works.

It’s a combination of NPS, root cause and comment question types. Exclusive to QuestionPro CX. It calculates your NPS score, uncovers the reasons behind it and lets customers give additional info. All at the same time! There’s simply no better way to find what works for your promoters and what not for detractors.


No more guessing. Use data to improve experiences.

NPS+ goes deeper than a score. It empowers customers by asking the reasons behind the ratings. Then, the voting system allows them to vote for specific feedback from other customers. Altogether, this willl help you identify what issues must be addressed immediately.


NPS+ survey features

Some key benefits of using NPS+ questions in your next CX project.


Unique voting system

Customers can distribute 5 points to vote and highlight the intensity and urgency of some aspects you might have missed.


Sentiment analysis

Runs on the open-ended text questions in NPS+ to make out if the customer feedback is positive, negative or neutral.


Distribution charts

Track the number of responses for certain aspects or which were hot spots to look into.


Understand risk of churn

Beyond detractors. Which of your passives are at risk? Understand root causes and prevent potential financial impact.


Mobile friendly

A smooth user experience across all devices to ensure your customers can give you feedback from anywhere, anytime.


Security & compliance

Our CX platform is ISO compliant. Focus on just the data collection and insights generation. We host survey data in localized servers that take away the risk from your surveys.

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Uncover root causes. Give your customers a voice and act on what’s best for them.

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"QuestionPro helps us in reaching our customers near to real-time which in-turn enables us to convert a negative customer experience into a positive one. It helps manage the brand reputation like never before. We are glad to be able to delight our customers with timely intervention whenever we receive a feedback that we can improve upon. QuestionPro makes a difference to our business with every single survey that goes out."

Fatima Raees Director of Customer Care